List of Projects#

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IDProject CategoryProject NameProject DescriptionReferenceTagsDomain(tech)Industry VerticalStatusPre-requisitesMonths neededFinal StageProject to be released inGitlab Link
AI1AI - Key Winning FeaturesMarking multiple Regions of Interest in given Video for AI processingConfidential#Camera, #AIImage ProcessingSurvellianceUpcomingClear Test WT2 (Image Processing Domain)& Complete Skilling / Complete a project2Tech DemoNot-releasedComing Soon
AI2AI-SurvellianceMulti Camera AI survellianceIntegrating AI with multi camera VMS system#Camera, #AIComputer Vision AISurvellianceUpcomingClear Test WT2 (Image Processing Domain)& Complete Skilling / Complete a project2Tech DemoNot-releasedComing Soon
AI3AI-HealthcareAI in RadiologyUsing AI to predict health conditions from radiology images#Camera, #AIComputer Vision AIHealthcareUpcomingClear Test WT2 (Image Processing Domain)& Complete Skilling / Complete a project2Tech DemoNot-releasedComing Soon
AI5AI - SurvellianceSmart City Surveliance solutionVideo Surveillance solution for smart city which Detect vehicles, Tracks the vehicles, Recognizes License plate, Detects breakage of rules like overspeeding, signal jumping, vehicle on zebra crossing, vehicle on No parking zones#Camera, #AI, #IoTComputer Vision AISurvellianceProject CompleteClear Test WT2 (Image Processing Domain)3-4Tech DemoNot-released
AI6AI - SurvellianceIP camera monitoringMonitor CCTV camera feed to detect persons and malicious objects and send alerts.#Camera, #AI, #IoTSurveillanceOffice AutomationProject CompleteClear Test WT23Tech demoNot-released
AI7AI - SurvellianceNumber plate detectionDetect Number plate using Deep Learning#Camera, #AI, #IoTSurveillanceSurveillanceAbandonedClear Test GT12DeploymentOpen sourceComing Soon
AI8AI - Digital SignageCustom hand-gesture recognitionUsers should be able to control and manipulate the dynamic digital content by simply making their own customized gestures.#Camera, #AI, #IoTAIAdvertizingOngoingClear Test GT12DeploymentOpen sourceComing Soon
IOT14Industrial AutomationActive shelf-monitoring for retailCamera that is able to count inventory on the shelf and report to cloud on real time basis#Camera, #AIAIRetail AutomationOngoingClear Test GT12DeploymentOpen sourceComing Soon
AI9AI - MiniGesture recognitionThis project is about gesture recognition in real world .Though gesture recognition is ready solution but most available solutions cant work on changing background so this project aims to work on all backgrounds#Camera, #AIAIProject CompleteClear Test WT23Tech demoOpen source
IOT15Industrial IoTComputer Vision based Robotic Arm3D depth based fully autonomous palleting and de-palleting Robot.#Camera, #AI, #IoTIndustrial IoTIndustrial AutomationProject CompleteClear Test WT24Tech demoOpen source
AI10AI - SurvellianceIoT based CameraCloud enabled camera device with microphone speaker and motion sensor to capture audio and video data and send to cloud.#Camera, #IoTSurveillanceHome automation & SecurityProject CompleteClear Test GT12 - 2.5Tech demoOpen source
IOT26AI - SurvellianceAI based Security barrierAI based Boom barrier which records vehicle license plates. Users can whilelists vehicles which will then be allowed into the premisis.#Camera, #AI, #IoTSurveillanceHome & Office automation & SecurityProject CompleteClear Test WT24Tech demoNot-releasedInternal Project
Micro1AIoT-MicroFace based Attendance SystemRecognizes faces and marks attendence by storing the time and person to Influxdb#Camera, #AI, #IoT, #MiniAIoTHome automation & SecurityUpcoming0.5DeploymentOpen-SourceComing Soon
Micro3AIoT-MicroPerson Detection + Influxdb + LED+ buzzerDetects person and Stores the results into Time series database and Buzz for 15 secs and blink led whenever person is detected#Camera, #AI, #IoT, #MiniAIoTHome automation & SecurityUpcoming0.5DeploymentOpen-SourceComing Soon
Micro4AIoT-MicroBird Detection + Classification + Azure IOTDetect Bird and Classify the bird the send the data to Azure IOT using JSON (need credit card for Azure)#Camera, #AI, #IoT, #MiniAIoTHome automation & SecurityUpcoming0.5DeploymentOpen-SourceComing Soon
Micro5AIoT-MicroPerson detection + FTP upload + Azure IoT loggingIf a person is detected in restricted area , send picture to server via ftp and also log the event in Azure IoT dashboard (need credit card for Azure)#Camera, #AI, #IoT, #MiniAIoTHome automation & SecurityUpcoming0.5DeploymentOpen-SourceComing Soon
Micro6AIoT-MicroPerson Detection + Google IOT + FTP UploadIf a person is detected in restricted area , send picture to server via ftp and also log the event in Google IoT dashboard (need credit card for Google IoT)#Camera, #AI, #IoT, #MiniAIoTHome automation & SecurityUpcoming0.5DeploymentOpen-SourceComing Soon
Mini1CameraDepth and length measurement using Stereo camerasDual Cameras are now popular in Phones .Use Dual camera in embedded device to help measure depth of an object and also calculate length of object. Reference :, #AI, #IoT, #MiniCameraHome automation & SecurityProject Complete0.5DeploymentNot-releasedProject Complete
Mini2CameraOn demand camera accessEmbedded camera that can be viewed from anywhere on the internet .Involves creating a live RTSP stream to server#Camera, #AI, #IoT, #MiniCameraHome automation & SecurityProject Complete0.5DeploymentNot-releasedComing Soon
Mini5CameraStreaming PICreate a light wieght rtsp streaming pi which can be controlled from web when to start and stop streaming .A web UI needs to be built and only registered users can see the stream .#Camera #iotCameraHome automation & SecurityProject CompleteClear Test GT11DeploymentNot-releasedProject Complete