List of Projects#

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  • Provided that you are able to meet the per-requisites for the project.
IDProject NameProject DescriptionTagsStatusPre-requisitesMonths neededFinal StageProject to be released inGitlab Link
IOT9Web UI interface for Industrial IoT GatewayTiny & beautiful Web UI interface for Industrial IoT Gateway#Web, #IoT, #Industrial AutomationUpcomingClear Test WT1 & UI design experience& Complete Skilling / Complete a project2Tech DemoNot-releasedComing Soon
WEB1GenieGenie is an Easy to use WebApp to Connect different Apps and automate your work in clicks.Sync data between different apps & databases easily without coding. Simply drag and drop and connect apps to make an automation flow. For Example: Connect work Apps & get updates on WhatsApp/Telegram#Web, #AppOngoing-ActiveClear Test WT2 Flutter experience required2Tech DemoNot-releasedComing Soon
IOT22Simplified Web UI interface for IIoT GatewayImplement Web UI for Industrial IoT gateway using UI component and CGI bin#IoT, #WebUpcomingClear Test GT11Tech DemoOpen sourceComing Soon
IOT25Industrial IoT Gateway Live update data in Excel sheetRead values from PLC's and SCADA through modbus and send the data to get updated in Excel sheet.Create Dashboards and charts using the data updated in the excel sheet.#IoT, #Industrial Automation, #WebUpcomingClear Test GT11Tech DemoOpen sourceComing Soon
IOT27Remote Controlled 6 switch relay systemRemotely controlled 6 channel relay system#IoT, #Industrial Automation, #WebPeer ReviewClear Test GT12DeploymentNot-releasedInternal Project